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Dr Anupam Goel is Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon working with Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali. After pursuing his Masters in General Surgery from Government Medical College Patiala,

Gallbladder stone surgery, also known as cholecystectomy, is a medical procedure …

Hernias are a common medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide …

Appendix surgery, also known as appendectomy, is a common surgical procedure…

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Dr. Anupam Goel

18 Years Experience

Well-renowned Laproscopic and Robotic surgeon of North India for Gastro-intestinal, Bariatric, Hernia and Piles Surgery

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Patient Experience

Dr Anupam Goel is the best doctor.He has done my gall bladder removal surgery. It was done very smoothly . I could walk after 3 hours of my surgery in hospital. It was12 days back on 20th march 2023 my surgery was done and I am perfectly alright now. I am very thankful to Doctor Anupam Goel and his team. They all are very humble and helpful.I have no words to express but can say that Dr Anupam Goel is God for his patients.


Dr Anupam goel is the best surgeon .He did my husband's gall bladder removal surgery. Minimal invasive surgery done and my husband got discharged next day .He has a team that is very supportive and they handled the process seamlessly. Complete guidance provided for do's and don't and what diet is to be taken for some next days. Thanku so much Dr Anupam and his team. Highly recommended.

Reema Sarin

Dr. Anupam Goel is very calm in listening to the patient, I was very worried about the procedure, but Dr. and his team ensured the whole process was done smoothly without any worries. Everything about my experience was a positive one. From the initial consultation, through laparoscopic surgery and follow up appointment, Dr. Anupam Goel and his team were wonderful.

Shalini Kaundinya

Dr Anupam Goel has done my Gall bladder removal surgery. Initially I was worried since I had a 2 months old baby on breastfeed but the surgery was done very smoothly and I could feed my baby after 4 hours of my surgery. I am very thankful to Dr. Anupam Goel and his team. They all are very humble and helpful.

Harsimrat Kaur

Dr Anupam Goel has been very supportive throughout the journey .Dr Anupam has been patient always and always available to address any queries from our end .It has been a pleasant experience and not to forget Dr Aman and Ruchi ( Dr Anupams team ) who made us very comfortable and helping us at anytime of the day whenever we needed. Overall it was very comfortable to be associated with his team

nupur jerath

Dr. Anupam is the best surgeon. He makes the patient comfortable by clarifying all doubts. He is polite and kind too. All his team members were quite cooperative & helpful....Thank a lot Doctor

Sachin Mittal

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